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Zephyrhills FL Mini Storage Tips

By selecting Zephyr Mini Storage you have taken the first step towards a stress free moving experience. We would like to share with you our top ten tips for long term self storage to help make your storage with us here at our self storage in Zephyrhills as efficient and convenient as possible.

  • Evaluate what you may need to access after closing up a storage unit. These items should be placed closest to the door, but always remember to leave sufficient door clearance so that items do not fall up against the doorway.
  • Pack items in secure boxes or tubs that can be firmly closed and or sealed. Do not overstuff a container and attempt to minimize the various different sizes to allow for more efficient stacking. Plastic bags are not ideal for long-term storage.
  • Utilize packing material to protect items and fill empty spaces in containers. Packaging paper is strongly encouraged over newspaper and can be purchased onsite along with other moving and packing supplies.
  • Reuse or recycle! Most packing material and containers are easy to reuse. Cut the tape and refold boxes. Store other packing material in sturdy plastic bags. If you do not have room Zephyr Mini Storage can recycle for you.
  • Cover items for protection while in transit and in storage to prevent dust and mildew while stored. The best solution is shrink wrap, but old sheets can also be useful covers once in storage.
  • Dirty items will stain and create odor. It is always best to do the housekeeping upfront!
  • Folded items take up less space than items haphazardly placed in containers. Wardrobe boxes sold by Zephyr Mini Storage are great solutions for clothes to be moved and stored.
  • Never store any food products, chemicals, or cleaning material due to the potential to foster pests and the safety hazard. Storing such material is a violation of your storage agreement. Before we rent any unit we thoroughly deep clean every square inch of the unit and treat for pests. We also treat the exterior of each unit and the entire grounds on a monthly basis.
  • Disassemble furniture as much as possible. Stack chairs seat to seat to take up less space.
  • Label storage containers on all sides and the top to identify the contents. Magic markers and painter’s tape are useful for labeling goods.

We hope these tips are helpful. To assist you with your moving supplies we have a full line of products and will gladly give away available recycled products. Please visit our Supplies tab for a list of moving and packing materials sold onsite. We look forward to doing business with you here at our Zephyrhills self storage facility!